Westlynn Baptist Church
1341 East 27th Street, North Vancouver
Phone: 604.986.4516
Email: info@westlynnbaptist.com
Worship Services, In Person & Online: Sundays @ 10am & Russian Language Service @ 12pm     Online Giving
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    What is a woman? The Bible's countercultural view of women and motherhood

    2023-05-14Sam Chua

    How to stop the deception, growth and spread of sin in your life

    Matthew 16:1-12 2023-05-07Sam Chua

    Jesus cares for outsiders. He came to his other flock, too

    Matthew 15:29-39 2023-04-30Clive Burslem

    When God seems DISTANT, imitate the MIGHTY FAITH of a Canaanite mother

    Matthew 15:21-28 2023-04-23Sam Chua

    Rituals and self-help can't cleanse your heart or give a sense of worth

    Matthew 15:1-20 2023-04-16Sam Chua

    The Blood of the Lamb

    Exodus 12:1-13 2023-04-09Sam Chua

    A Tale of Two Thieves

    Luke 23.32-43 2023-04-07Sam Chua

    7 REASONS why the Bible predicts JESUS

    Deuteronomy 18:15-19 2023-04-02David Gileff

    Who is Jesus?

    Mark 14:1-11 2023-03-26Luke Watson

    The King Ruling the Wind and the Waves

    Matthew 14:22-34 2023-03-19Clive Burslem

    Jesus Satisfies The Hungry

    Matthew 14:13-21 2023-03-12Mike Parsons

    If TRUTH is defined as HATE SPEECH, what must we do? #Freespeech is fickle! A pastor speaks out.

    Matthew 14:1-12 2023-03-05Sam Chua

    The Danger of Unbelief

    Matthew 13:51-58 2023-02-26Sam Chua

    The Priceless Kingdom

    Matthew 13:44-50 2023-02-19Sam Chua

    The Unstoppable Kingdom

    Matthew 13:31-33 2023-02-12Sam Chua