Westlynn Baptist Church
1341 East 27th Street, North Vancouver
Phone: 604.986.4516
Email: info@westlynnbaptist.com
Worship Services, In Person & Online: Sundays @ 10am & Russian Service @ 12pm     Online Giving
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    A Voice for the Voiceless

    Proverbs 31.8-9 2022-05-15Sam Chua

    The Gospel-Shaped Life

    Matthew 11:7-19 2022-05-08Sam Chua

    The Message is the Method

    Acts 17:16-34 2022-05-01Luke Watson

    Great Expectations

    Matthew 11:1-16 2022-04-24Sam Chua

    Easter Sunday

    John 20:1-18 2022-04-17Sam Chua

    Good Friday

    Colossians 2:13-15 2022-04-15Sam Chua

    The Triumphal Let-Down

    Mark 11:1-11 2022-04-10Sam Chua

    The Economics of Heavenly Rewards

    Matthew 10:40-42 2022-04-03Sam Chua

    Not Peace but a Sword

    Matthew 10:34-39 2022-03-27Sam Chua

    How to Deal with Fear

    Matthew 10:26-33 2022-03-20Mike Parson

    Crushed for Christ

    Matthew 10:16-25 2022-03-13Sam Chua

    The Masters Training Plan

    Matthew 10:5-15 2022-03-06Sam Chua

    Living With the End in Mind

    1 Peter 4:7-11 2022-02-27Hamish Buntain

    The Chosen Pt. 2

    Matthew 10:1-4 2022-02-13Sam Chua

    The Chosen

    Matthew 10:1-4 2022-02-06Sam Chua